Beyond Worlds – the Begin of a Journey

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We are an independent game development studio with grand ambitions

We aim to create a new fantasy world which serves as the foundation of our games and products. With this world and the connected collection of products we want to provide a reliable retreat for people, where adding value and preserving value do not contradict each other. We want to offer a way to spend ones free time in a long-term and holistic fashion. People should be able to participate in our world and work without just being reduced to metrics and statistics, as for us the community is the central point! Our fantasy world is called "Dystopia" and our first product is a digital/analog-hybrid trading card game called "Dystopia ECG". Welcome to our homepage!

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Our story

The founders met in an online game in 2014. We were completely spread out over the whole of Germany and were working for different companies and institutions. First playing together only provided entertainment and distraction, but as the years went on teammates became friends and instead of just playing, the digital get-together became the focus. We got to know each other better and discovered we had a lot of similarities in our values and aspirations. After a few years our favourite game lost some of its appeal and we began to search for alternatives. Because our search for new and suitable entertainment remained fruitless we had the idea to build something ourselves: a world of our own.
At the end of 2017 we stopped playing together completely and organized several meetings to discuss possible business concepts. We quickly realized our preference for the creative sector. In the end we decided to create our own fantasy world and, based on it, a trading card game – a game that is possible to create with a small team but still offers good expansion potential. The first two years we worked on our project in the evenings, alongside our main jobs and our families, in order to create the basis for funding. We wrote the first novel of our fantasy world, developed the rules of our game, programmed the game prototype and implemented early processes and IT systems. In January 2020 we were ready to tackle the foundation of our company.
It was spring 2022 and our timing for founding our company could not have been worse. COVID-19 took over the world. Investors stopped financing, the KfW had to organize thousands of emergency supports and all bureaucratic processes suddenly took ages. Nothing went forward at all! Instead of waiting for better days to come we decided to start small: with our own online shop for trading card games. Why not use the time to create some sales, learn to work together and establish structures? We all moved to our new home Landstuhl, founded Beyond Worlds GmbH in August 2022 and rented an office. We learned a lot about distribution, the market and our marketing. Sadly the development of our products had to be put on the back burner, but the time spent was not lost.
In summer 2022 we were finally ready. We made a plan for funding the development of our own products. We sold the segment of our online shop that sold external products again and began working on Dystopia with combined forces. Our game is now getting implemented in Unity, our lore is making progress, artworks are being created and our structures continue to grow. In spring 2023 we will post our first positions in order to expand our team. The challenges will not diminish but now we have the time and means to take them on. Our story will continue and we hope you will accompany us in it!

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