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Our aims and principles

There are a few important principles that shape our work significantly and which we want to include in all our products. We are convinced these principles do not impede our chance of success but in the contrary are essential for it.

Dystopia Evolving Card Game

Our first module on the way to the Dystopia cosmos

Card Layout Concept

Dystopia Evolving Card Game

Our first module on the way to the Dystopia cosmos

Our first module on the way to a extensive collection of products is our trading card game, which will be available as a physical/digital hybrid. Using NFC technology you can scan the printed cards and add them to your digital collection. The game is based on the lore of Dystopia and will feature high complexity and many expansions. One of our biggest goals is for every card to be useful for the players, not only the best ones of the current meta. We accomplish this with a novel way to generate resources and by using different formats and events. As such collecting all cards really pays off!

What is Dystopia?

Dystopia is a large dimensioned fantasy world and is the basis for our novel series "The Dystopia Chronicles" and our own trading card game "Dystopia ECG" as well as all future products. Dystopia is a world in the classical fantasy setting. We are not reinventing the wheel, hence there are common races like dwarves, elves, humans or goblins. But there are many elements which are original and innovative. We want to find a balance between known and unknown, between old and new, between easy and difficult. It should not be a world that is completely alien and like from a different planet, but it also should not be a cheap copy of other known fantasy stories. But it is best if you look for yourself and start with our first book!


The Dystopia Chronicles: Daemonion


Deep in the Twilight Forest, where the Fenn live reclusively, nobody wants to know of magic, foreign nations or even wars of long past times. The tall folk of the Fenn know how to defend themselves, but are distrustful and shy. They only care for their own concerns and deny the existence of any earthly dangers persistently. But the world has not forgotten the Fenn, as the three friends Miko, Dina and Fesk step into an adventure wholly unprepared. The events they inadvertently set in motion will be a grave test to their beliefs and abilities.

Please note: our book is currently only available in German.

As eBook:

Discover Dystopia

There is much more to discover in Dystopia! Maps, illustrations, background information and more spin-offs are waiting for you. Because all of this content would not fit on this website, we have a special Dystopia website.

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